As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão

Japan is an incredible country with something for everyone to enjoy. As Aventuras Do Gastão No Japão is the second book in the series of the Aventuras Do Gastão. Gastão lives in Portugal and is an adventurous young boy who loves to travel with his parents to explore new destinations.

As Aventuras Do Gastão No Japão, the family sees modern architecture alongside ancient palaces and temples. At Nara Park, Gastão feeds sacred deer while learning about their cultural significance in Japan. And at Sagano Bamboo Forest, he walks through a tunnel of towering bamboo stalks. Your kids can join in on Gastão’s exploration as he ventures through Japan’s rich culture and learns about its history—it’s the perfect way to encourage your children’s passion outside their own communities!

As Aventuras Do Gastao No Japao