As Aventuras do Gastão em Singapura – Portuguese Edition

You and your children can visit some of Singapore’s most well-known landmarks without ever leaving your house. Gastão, a young Portuguese boy, travels to Singapore in As Aventuras do Gastão em Singapura. He is a curious young boy with an appreciation for new cultures and different customs. Gastão is fascinated by the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors that make up Singapore. He is amazed by the skyline which shines against an impressive array of tall buildings which are colorful enough just from their height but also beautifully designed for beauty as well. Gastão was amazed by the diversity of cuisines available in Singapore, ranging from Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, Eurasian, Indian, and Western. As the fifth book in the Aventuras do Gastão series, As Aventuras do Gastão em Singapura will surely entertain your kids!

LANGUAGE: Portuguese
HARDBACK ISBN: 9781954145696
PAPERBACK ISBN: 9781954145757
EBOOK ISBN: 9781954145719

As-Aventuras-do-Gastão-em-Singapura-Portuguese-Edition-9781954145283-9781954145306-Pedro Seabra