As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão

Looking for a wonderful travel experience without leaving your home? Then you and your children will enjoy As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão 2a Edição. This book takes you on a journey through Japan with Gastão, an adventurous young boy from Portugal who loves to explore new places. Through his eyes, kids will get to experience Japanese culture through its blend of ancient traditions and modern innovations. The cuisine in Japan, which included okonomiyaki, tempura, hand-made noodles,karaage, and yakitori was some of the tastiest Gastón has ever encountered. He had the opportunity to view well-known sites including Mount Fuji, the Tokyo Tower, Hakone Lake, Osaka Castle, and the Tokyo Imperial Palace in all of their breathtaking natural splendor. If your kids are looking for a unique travel adventure that will leave you feeling inspired, then check out As Aventuras do Gastão no Japão 2a Edição.

As Aventuras Do Gastao No Japao